Bieber Makes Blackhawks Fans Forget Belushi Exists

I’ll admit, last night when I first saw the image of Justin Bieber getting chummy with Lord Stanley in the Blackhawks’ locker room, looking as Bieberish as possible, I uttered something to the effect of “Oh H-e-double-hockey-sticks No!”  But in fewer words.

The Biebs was in Chicago at the UC to quell the masses of tweens and their mothers with his, um, music?  In any case, he was there for a concert, and someone decided it was a good idea to let the self-proclaimed Toronto Maple Leafs fan into the Hawks dressing room for a quick photo-op with the most beloved of trophies in sports.

Justin Bieber with Stanley Cup 2013It was only mildly annoying seeing Bieber dressed like a hobo wearing sunglasses indoors posing with the Cup, I mean, hey, he could have been rocking the Miami look again:

Justin Bieber- MiamiBut even without a leather v-neck, things only got worse for Bieber and Chicago Blackhawks fans when this little beauty of a picture went viral:

Bieber Stands on Indian HeadThere he was, standing on the crest in the middle of the locker room.  The crest that no one every stands on… Sigh.

Thus erupted twitter in a fit of outrage and all the non-Bieliebers let their distain be known, and for a few hours, Chicago forgot that this happened:


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