Mad Recap: Blackhawks v Blues

What’s a “Mad Recap” you ask?  It’s my new way of briefly summarizing a game with play-by-play and my (sometimes, but mostly not) witty observations.  Mad Recaps will set the scene, give you the game in a gulp, and send you on your way with a few things to think about.

We’ll consider this a beta run…

St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks:

Blackhawks defeat Blues 3-2 Tuesday night. (Photo via Blackhawks Facebook).

Blackhawks defeat Blues 3-2 Tuesday night. (Photo via Blackhawks Facebook).

Both Chicago and St. Louis arrived at the United Center as undefeated teams, 2 – 0 – 0.  This being the first home appearance of the Blackhawks, the UC was packed for the 191st consecutive time to welcome the good guys to the ice amidst a rock anthem befitting the team that creamed the Top 40 Hits-playing banner-raising LA Kings.  The Blues were healthy, the Hawks were down Dan Carcillo, who was replaced on the front line by rookie Brendan Saad.

Elliot in goal for the Blue, Crawford between the pipes for the Hawks.

And that Beyonce, THAT is how the National Anthem is sung.  Spine tingling… every time.

  • 12:40 CHI Kane with a 3 on… well no one but Elliot.  Kane to Sharp, back to Kane for a backhand goal with the Blues trailing far behind them.  1-0 CHI

Coach Q after the game, “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a 3-on-0 in our league.  I don’t know if they keep that stat.”

  • 7:30 CHI Brandon Bollig and STL Chris Stewart play fisticuffs.  Both go to the box for fighting.
Stewart and Bollig play not so nice. (Photo via Blackhawks Facebook)
Stewart and Bollig play not so nice. (Photo via Blackhawks Facebook)
  • 3:11 Hawks PP, STL Andy McDonald -HOLDING.
  • 0:16 Hawks on the PK, CHI Marian Hossa to the box -TRIPPING
Duncan Keith really has no interest in keeping the rest of his teeth, blocks a puck with his chin early in the 2nd period. 
  • 15:36 STL Vladimir Terasenko -TRIPPING puts the Hawks on the PP again. 
  • 12:52 STL Ian Cole called for -INTERFERENCE, Hawks PP.
  • 11:39 CHI Duncan Keith with the apparent second PPG of the season for CHI, but goal later awarded to Brent Seabrook, or rather, his skate for the tip-in.  2-0 CHI.
Blues noticeably more physically aggressive on ice after that 2nd CHI goal. 
Bad idea to count the Blues out at this point, they demonstrated their stamina against Nashville, coming from behind to tie it, and win it in a shootout.  
Shoot the puck: 10 year old Austin wins the $500 and poor Susanah Collins covering her first night with the Hawks has to chase him down on the ice trying to interview him.  Kind of funny. 
  • 17:51 Viktor Stalberg gets one in riiiight by Elliot’s shoulder.  3-0 CHI.  
This could have been Corey Crawford’s first shutout since March 23, 2011.
  • 15:20 STL Andy McDonald gets one by Crawford. 3-1 CHI
BAAAADDD line change.  Very poorly timed on Chicago’s part. 
Passing still looks great out there for the Blackhawks. Positive thinking… 
  • 5:30 CHI Niklas Hjalmarsson -HOLDING
  • 5:07 STL T.J. Oshie takes away CHI perfect PK record. 3-2 CHI.
UC crowd gets loud with “LET’S GO HAWKS!” 
2 minutes…
90 seconds… 
EMPTY STL NET with 1 minute remaining. 
HUGE Crawsome stop at 55 seconds. 
Last 3 minutes played almost entirely in the Hawks’ defensive zone.  It’s ALL about Corey Crawford keeping it together at this point. 
Crawford delivered in net against the Blues (Photo via Blackhawks Facebook)
Crawford delivered in net against the Blues (Photo via Blackhawks Facebook)
This was a big win for the Blackhawks, not just because it was their home-opener, and not just because this is the first time in 40 years that that the Hawks have begun the season with a 3 – 0 – 0 record.  It was a big win because they defeated a favored division and cup-contendor team.

Now, of course it is still very early in the season, and we still have to face STL four more times, aaannnd it’s entirely possible that this perfect record could fall apart in the next week, but hey this is a pretty dang good start, and I’m going to enjoy it.

The Blackhawks are coming into this season as a cohesive offensive force to be reckoned with.  They are rolling deep with talent which is going to be key in this fast-paced condensed scheduled.  Having Crawford on his game and sparked by his mission to prove his worth this season is an added bonus.

Next up, the 2 – 1 – 0 Dallas Stars on Thursday night.

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