Celebrity Sightings…

There are a lot of things that I do not particularly like about the LA Kings… their logo and that it changes every few years, the  Chicago Blackhawks losing to them three times this past season, the fact that they made it into the playoffs at all, and that they are currently sweeping the No. 1 seeded Vancouver Canucks 3-0 in the WC quarterfinals series…

But here is what is really annoying, when the No. 8 seed is doing damage to the No. 1, threatening a season-long league leader from even advancing past the opening credits of one of the best championships of the year… this… this is the headline they get?

Maybe it’s just that I don’t care about celebrity personalities being seen at a major sporting event taking place in a city where they already live and are seen on an almost daily basis, but that’s just me.  Sure it’s great to drum up some attention and excitement in the regular season with those little celeb interviews they like to pull mid-game in the crowd (because we need to be reminded about how even famous people ‘love the atmosphere’), but I don’t need a feature about it.

No bash on the celebs, not their fault they have pretty faces, and a hockey fan is a hockey fan, good in my book.  I just think the LA Kings deserve a little more face time for what they’ve accomplished this early in the playoffs.

I will admit though, the David Beckham sighting is worth a look just for the time lapse shot of the Lakers’ court being dismantled  and the fresh ice being laid.  Reminds me of a feature I just did on how ice is maintained

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Sightings…

  1. It’s LA, what do you expect. When the #8 Memphis Grizzlies upset the #1 San Antonio Spurs, no one noticed, or cared. It’s not until super-star celebrities are involved that people pay attention. Since the Kings are irrelevant (both NBA and NHL) the only super-star celeb status is coming from people who have no idea what’s going on. Kobe was probably there working out on his off day and wandered out to see what’s up, Beckham probably thought the ESPYS were being held only to find out it was hockey instead and Will Farrell probably thought he was missing the Golden Globes (those are held in the Staples Center right?).

  2. Eh. It’s a side story that shows that the star power of LA is supporting the team. They are probably the No. 5 team in their own town right now (Lakers, Clippers, Angels, and Dodgers), so it shows that the team’s run is getting Hollywood to care.

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