All Good Streaks Come to an End

Chicago falls to Nashville at home after five game winning streak.

No question that March has been a pretty good month for the Blackhawks, winning eight of their last eleven games.  Their recent winning streak began after a 3-4 shoot out win over St. Louis on March 13th, and the good mojo continued to flow on through spring break week, stacking wins against Dallas, Washington, Columbus, and Vancouver in overtime.

Chicago still holds the number six spot in the WC right now, still a playoff contender, still driving me nuts.  Granted that Nashville is not by any means a pushover team, but we’re definitely close enough in capability to pull out more than a one point game this late in the season.

A 6-1 loss?  And Stalberg is the only one who gets to the back of the net?  That being said, sweater number 25 has been seeing a lot of good ice time this season and rounds out our top line of goal scorers with 19 points right behind the super stars (Sharp, Hossa, Toews, Kane).

The good news is that given current conference standings, the Blackhawks should play the Stars when the time comes, and we all know how I feel about Dallas… Sure we have an even record between the times we’ve met on the ice, (Series: Oct. 7- CHI 1 DAL 2, Oct. 8- CHI 5 DAL 2, Feb. 23- CHI 1 DAL 3, Mar. 14- CHI 4 DAL 1), but I keep faith in the fact that Dallas is only in that No. 3 conference standing spot because they clinched the Pacific Division, a division made up of teams Chicago is more than capable (when they show up) to defeat.  Current playoff match-ups. 

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