Hawkeye Ice Time

The University of Iowa Men’s Hockey Club team used to have to drive all the way to Waterloo, IA just to practice.  Today they find ice time in the Coral Ridge Mall only fifteen minutes from campus, but the situation is far from ideal.

Click here to see the full audio slideshow.

Club teams receive a fair consideration for reserved practice time in university facilities, but that doesn’t help a team that has no facility to meet the sports needs, namely, there is no ice on the UI campus.


2 thoughts on “Hawkeye Ice Time

  1. Just saw a kid’s skating team there on Saturday. It’s nice, but I can see why a college hockey team might want a better place. I guess some place is better than no place!

  2. I thought Madeleine brought to light some interesting issues surrounding the UI Men’s Hockey Club’s lack of a dedicated ice rink for practice. I was surprised to learn that the team currently practices on an ice rink located in a shopping mall! Overall, I thought her coverage revealed the truth behind the “no ice on campus” dilemma the team faces, that is, it all comes down to money, or in this case a lack of it.

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