Hat Trick? It’s Been Awhile…

It has been almost 1 year and 2 months since hats rained down on United Center ice, and not even at the hand of one of Chicago’s top line, but Viktor Stalberg with 3 goals against Columbus in January of 2012.

This season, four Blackhawks skaters have multiple goal games.  Newly in that mix is Captain Jonathan Toews, who knocked 2 in the net last night in Chicago’s 3-0 shutout win over St. Louis last night.

Blackhawks with multiple goal games this season: 

  • Jonathan Toews [ 2 goals @STL 2/28/13 ]
  • Patrick Kane [ 2 goals @PHX 2/7/13 ]  [ 2 goals @LAK 2/5/13 ]
  • Marian Hossa [ 2 goals v.VAN 2/19/13 ]  [ 2 goals @PHX 1/20/13 ]  [ 2 goals @LAK 1/19/13 ]
  • Dave Bolland [ 2 goals @PHX 1/20/13 ]

This is a pretty common mix of the players one would expect to produce multiple goals; but the Blackhawks, still undefeated in regulation, have been working hard across all lines this season to drive to the net.

The star players for the Blackhawks are more than capable of scoring 3 goals in one game, but the bonus to them this year is that they don’t have to be relied upon to do so!  With talent and points widely spread through all lines on the Hawks roster, a lot of pressure has been taken off the big guys to deliver high volumes of goals every night.

Blackhawks Hat Tricks 2008-Mar. 1, 2013:

  • Jonathan Toews [ 2/27/09 v. PIT ]
  • Patrick Kane [ 5/11/09 v. VAN ] **playoffs**
  • Andrew Ladd [ 3/7/10 v. DET ]
  • Jonathan Toews [ 5/7/10 @VAN] **playoffs**
  • Jonathan Toews [ 11/17/10 @EDM ]
  • Patrick Sharp [ 11/25/11 @ANA ]
  • Viktor Stalberg [ 1/10/12 v. CBJ ]

Across the league, some teams have already notched a hatty onto their record, which is good news for the “NHL Green” project that donates 50 trees for every hat trick scored in the regular season.


One thought on “Hat Trick? It’s Been Awhile…

  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs! It’s refreshing to have someone who is more than just a pretty face. You obviously really know your Blackhawlk knowledge, and your passion for the team shows! My bet is Kaner will be our next hat trick. Do you have a prediction?

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