Blue Line Big Fish: Justin Schultz

The 2012 NHL Draft is over, but there are still big fish in the water to be caught.  In an article by, talking hockey business and the free agency period which begins this Sunday, there was one talent mentioned that I want to see in a red jersey sporting four feathers…

(photo courtesy of

Justin Schultz, originally drafted in the 2008 Draft by Anaheim, became an unrestricted free agent after never signing with the Ducks following three years playing at the University of Wisconsin.  During his 121 games as a Badger, the offensive blueliner registered 40 goals and 73 assists.  Dan Rosen ( got it right saying that this 21 year old prospect is enticing; his skill level aside, Schultz cannot be offered any more than a standard entry level contract to a franchise… that’s a lot of potential bang for your buck.

Noon ET Sunday will be interesting for a lot of reasons, I am just hoping Stan Bowman has this 6’1”, 185lb defensive dream on his radar, because I know everyone else does.


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