(TAY-vo tair-uh-VIGH-nen)

Chicago Blackhawks’ General Manager, Stan Bowman, looked like he’d had a long night on Friday when he announced Blackhawk, Brandon Saad, to take the stage and call up No. 18 pick overall, Teuvo Teravainen, as the newest addition to the windy city team.

Saad may have butchered the 17 year old’s Finnish name, then again I think we all would have, but the kid didn’t seem to mind one bit.  After graciously shaking hands and embracing everyone in his row, once, maybe twice, the young forward put on a great looking jersey.

According to the @NHLBlackhawks twitter fellas, Teravainen was ranked in the top five of prospects for many teams this year at the draft, a good catch for the Blackhawks.  He’s a proven offensive player, with good hands and a smart hockey head.  The one concern the team could have is Teuvo’s size, he comes in at only 5’11” and 165lbs.  There’s no doubt he’ll be spending some significant time maturing physically before he sees any time on the ice next to Patrick Kane, a player Teuvo has been compared to a lot as far as style and stature goes.  Kane’s got just under 20lbs on the kid, but he’s proof you don’t need to be a hulk to be an offensive magician.

So Teravainen isn’t the Byfuglien reincarnate Chicago fans are waiting for, but maybe one of the other recruits could be… how about 2nd Round pick, 18 year old Dillon Fournier?

Okay, so no goliath there either at 6’1” and 160lbs, but let’s not freak out yet.  There are some BIG physical changes that can and do happen once a young player has been drafted, and if Fournier is as rascally as they say, I’m good with that.

Also looking forward to seeing Chris Calnan in action.  He’s also apparently the nephew of  former Hawk, Jeremy Roenick.

The Blackhawks snagged eight men total this past weekend.  Defenseman: Dillon Fournier (48th overall), and Travis Brown (179th overall).  Forwards: Teuvo Teravainen (18th overall), Chris Calnan (79th overall), Garrett Ross (139th overall), and Vincent Hinostroza (169th overall).  Goaltenderes: Brandon Whitney (191st overall), and Matt Tomkins (199th overall).  Read more here.

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