Blackhawks v Rangers Tonight

“Something’s got to give. Something’s got to go our way eventually. They say if you keep doing the right things the hockey gods are going to reward you and we’re hoping that’s going to happen soon.” — Jonathan Toews

Nine games and three weeks ago the Chicago Blackhawks were riding an upswing of wins and seated No. 1 in the Western Conference.  Now?  The windy city team is giving up an average of four goals per game and doing everything they can to stay positive while they approach the end of this win-less road trip.

Keeping positive is a must for this team, and it’s fans.  Dropping down to No. 6 in the WC is devastating, but it’s not the end of the road for this franchise that entered the season as a favorite to win it all.

So what has got the Hawks down?  Defense.

Coach Q has been playing goalie flip-flop for a majority of this losing streak, because, well, it’s a losing streak!  Neither of these goaltenders have really been able to figure it out between the posts lately, and it’s obviously wearing on their confidence.  Not helping the situation is our lack of blue line depth.

Tonight the Blackhawks face off against the league’s No. 2 New York Rangers at 6:00pm CT.  What to expect?  Probably a lot of what we have been seeing.  The ice action looked a little bit better on Tuesday when the Hawks were in Nashville, but there is still room for improvement… and lots of it.

What we need tonight?  Our stars.  Kane, Toews, and Hossa, need to bring it to the garden.  Can’t win if we don’t score, and between those three go-to goal scorers, only four goals in the past nine games.  (Hossa- 3, Kane 1).

Does Jeremy Lin have a hockey-playing brother?

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